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In a big home or office space, it is very difficult for WIFI signals to reach the different areas.  If you are facing the same problem then you need a Network Extender. One of the most popular Network Extenders is TP-Link. You can purchase this wifi extender at very affordable prices and it will deliver you the best result. For improving the signals strength, you can have Tp-link extender setup at you home.  It will help signals to reach all those places which the signals were not able to reach earlier. You can plug in this device, connect it to the router and enjoy its amazing benefits. Here we are providing you all the required guidance for Tp-link extender setup.

Tp-link wifi extender Setup

  • To start with the process, you are required to connect the Tp-link extender with your computer using an Ethernet Cable. This is done to program the wireless settings into the router for wireless connection.
  • For tp link range extender setup, plug in the TP-Link Extender to the wall outlet.
  • Connect the extender with your computer using an Ethernet Cable.
  • Now, on your system open a web browser and navigate to the link If the link is not working then you can try  The TP-link web page is supposed to appear.
  • Choose “Quick Setup”  and “Next”.
  • Now, select your region and the “Next”.
  • Let your TP link Extender scan for the available Wireless Network. The process may take a few minutes as it all depends on how many networks are available around you.
  • Choose the “wireless network” from the generated list and tap “next”.
  • When prompted, enter the “Wireless Password”.
  • Choose “ copy from the main router” if you demand a  single big wireless network or “customize” if you want to create the different networks.
  • Choose “next”.
  • At last, review your Network Settings in the “final window” and select. Finish the process if everything is correct.

Your tp link wifi extender setup is completed. After this, your Tp-link will reboot and you are all set to access the internet. So , enjoy browsing without any interruption with Tp-Link WIFI extender Setup.