The Netgear Wireless routers are the pioneers in the field. However, there would be some problems crop up, mostly due to incorrect configurations. One such problem is the Netgear router internet light orange, which is considered to be serious and common.

Netgear Router Internet light orange problem needs the bit of some explanations before attempting the troubleshooting. You should be able to resolve the issue yourself mostly. However in case it is not, you may contact the Netgear service support.


  • Amber Power LED
  • Power LED stays amber
  • Blinking Power LED
  • Power LED does not turn green or white
  • No devices can go online
  • Not providing the valid IP address

Reason for Netgear Router Internet light orange could be one of these:

  • Problem with ISP (Internet service provider).
  • First, you have to ensure that you are getting the internet from ISP. That means to access the internet you connect your modem directly to the computer via Ethernet.
  • Check Connection – whether PPOE or Static information. Which IP connection you have?
  • Depending on the IP, you may have to setup your router manually by entering the internet
  • Connection problem.
  • Connection Problem – at some point, you may have “Netgear router is blinking orange” due to the wrong connection between router and modem.
  • So you have to ensure that your modem is appropriately connected from internet port to the router.
  • Once your router will be connected to the modem, you have to reboot your router and wait for one minute.
  • DNS/ DHCP Problem.
  • Mac cloning – At the point when your modem is not ready to recognize Netgear router.
  • Mac cloning is required so your modem can serve the internet to your router.
  • For mac cloning you need to follow the instructions below:
  • Open Netgear router setup page.
  • Go to advance option.
  • Do Mc cloning
  • Finally, you need to click on the clone and click on apply.
  • Using Router with obsolete firmware.
  • If you are using old Netgear router, it may cause Netgear router blinking orange issue as a result of old firmware.
  • Proper updating of the router’s firmware.

    Factory Resetting

  • Factory Restore- if all the above-mentioned methods fail and your Netgear router is blinking orange, you may have to do factory resetting. For this, so you need to press and hold the factory restore button for 30 seconds and release the button.
  • Once you will reset your router successfully then you need to setup Netgear router once again.
  • After setting your computer IP address to static, open
  • Your command prompt.
  • For Windows, click on Start then in the Search box type cmd and hit Enter.
  • For Mac OSX, click Go > Utilities > Terminal.Fix Netgear Router Is Blinking Orange Issue
  • Type ping, then hit Enter.
  • For Windows:Netgear Router Internet light orange

Ultimately if all these steps do not resolve the problem, it could be the Hardware Issue that is the culprit. If so the so you need to replace your router.

If still confusing to fix Netgear light issue (Netgear Router Internet light orange, Netgear n300 lights) contact Netgear Router Technicians  call netgear technician+1-877-213-7013.