You should be proud to be part of the coveted Netgear family as soon as you brought the ARLO security camera. As the Arlo is following the same tradition of Netgear quality, consistency and reliability, you should be having a trouble-free service.

Nevertheless, once in a while, you may be asking this question “Why can’t I log in to Arlo account from my web browser?” The reasons could be any one or multiple of these.

Reasons Unable to log in to Arlo

  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Configuration not done properly
  • Battery not installed properly in the battery compartment of the Arlo camera
  • Poor or fluctuating power supply
  • Non-compatibility of equipment
  • You are using the wrong email address as your username.
  • You are using the wrong password.
  • Your browser isn’t compatible with the Arlo website.
  • Your browser session is corrupt.

log in to Arlo

In fact, the setting up and configuration of the Netgear Arlo camera is simple and will not be taking too long.  Before you attempt to do this

  • Make sure that you are using the correct email address as your username. You must use the email address that you used to create your Arlo account.
  • You are using Internet Explorer 10 or above

Firefox 3.5 or above

Safari 3 or above

Google Chrome (any version)

  • The Internet cache and cookies are cleared.

Restart your computer and reattempt the web login may solve the problem.

To Set Up Your System

Setting up your Arlo system involves these steps:

To install your base station

  1. Connect the base station to your router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect the AC adapter to the base station.
  3. Plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet.
  4. Press the On-Off button on the back of the base station.
  5. The Power LED and Internet LED light green in about two minutes.Arlo Login
  • Register for an Arlo Account and log in to Arlo

  1. After you set up your base station, you must register for an Arlo account.
  2. Your Arlo account is linked to your Arlo system and allows you to view videos from anyInternet-connected computer or mobile device.
  3. On mobile devices, use the Arlo app for the best viewing experience. Visit the AppleApp Store or the Google Play Store to download the Arlo app for iOS and Android devices.
  4. In a browser, enter log into Arlo the address bar.
  5. Click or tap New System Setup.
  6. Complete the required fields and click or tap Continue.
  7. Choose your base station’s serial number from the drop-down menu and click or tap Continue.
  8. Choose your time zone from the drop-down menu and click or tap Continue.
  • Set Up and Sync Your Cameras

The Basic service plan supports up to five synced cameras

  1. Slide and hold the latch on the bottom of the camera.
  2. Slide the battery door back and lift it to open the battery compartment.
  3. Insert two batteries near the back of the camera. Pay careful attention to the orientation of the batteries when you insert them.
  4. Insert two batteries near the compartment hinge. Pay careful attention to the orientation of the batteries when you insert them.
  5. Close the battery door.

To sync your cameras

  1. Bring the camera within one to three feet (30cm–100cm) of the base station.
  2. Press and release the Sync button on the side of the base station.
  3. Wait for the Sync Status LED on the base station to light green.
  4. Press and release the Sync button on top of the camera. A blue LED on the camera blinks rapidly to confirm a successful sync.
  5. Repeat for each camera.

Position Your Cameras

  1. Arlo’s position mode allows you to see what your camera sees. Using Position mode, you can make sure that your Arlo camera is positioned to monitor the precise area that you want.
  2. It’s important to keep distance in mind when placing your Arlo cameras:
  • You can place your Arlo camera a maximum of 300 feet (90 meters) from the base station. In indoor installations, the range might be less if metal objects or thick walls and ceilings are between a camera and the base station.
  • Place your Arlo cameras at least 10 feet from the base station, and allow at least 6 ½ feet (2 meters) between cameras.
  • When positioning your Arlo camera, keep these tips in mind:
  • Keep active locations in the camera’s field of view. Your Arlo camera has a 130-degree viewing angle. Position your camera so that the space that you want to monitor is within the camera’s field of view.
  • Aim with the cloud. Use Arlo’s Position mode to send video to the cloud as quickly as possible. This allows you to aim the camera while watching the video feed on your Arlo smartphone app to make near real-time adjustments to the camera’s position. Go to your camera’s Settings option to turn on Position mode.
  • After the camera is in place, you can turn off Position mode, or it automatically turns off after five minutes. For more information, see Position Mode on page
  • Raise your camera. Mount your Arlo motion-detection camera at least 7feet (2 meters) above the floor and aim it slightly downward for the best sensor performance.
  • Ensure that side-to-side traffic crosses Arlo’s field of view. Arlo’s motion sensor is much more sensitive to side-to-side movement across its field of view than to move directly toward or away from the camera. The best area formation detection is 5 feet to 20 feet (1.5 to 6 meters) from the camera position.

Log in to Arlo Helpline 877-213-7013 for setting up Arlo camera and Alexa Echo device also.