Linksys Router Update

Linksys Router updatesLinksys routers are becoming the first choice of customers. These routers work really well. But with the advancement in technology, every day new issues are getting introduced. In such condition, it becomes very to update the Linksys Router regularly as it will secure your router from any kind of outside threat. If, you want to have Linksys Router Update, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps for Linksys Router Update:

Step 1: Go to the Web-based Setup Page of Your Linksys router.

Open the web browser in your computer connected to the Linksys Router and type “” in the address bar. If it is not working then your router’s local IP address might have changed at the time of initial setup. Find and enter the new IP address.

Step2: Use administrator credential and login to the setup page.

During the router setup, you might have created the “Username and Password”. If you haven’t created, then leave the username blank and enter “admin” in the password. If it is not working then enter “admin” in the username box.

Step 3: Check out that whether the router is running on the latest firmware.

On the right-hand side in your screen, you will see “Firmware Version” and certain numbers. You require running version “2.0.06”. If you see this version number, skip to the 12th step. If it is not, then learn the steps to download the firmware . in case you are not finding these steps helpful, you can contact us at Linksys Customer Support.

Step 4: Go to the Linksys Support Page.

Open another tab and go to the Linksys Support Page at

Step 5: In Search Box type router’s model number in “Start Here”

The model number is present on your router’s underside. The model number must be autocomplete when you type the number in a web page. Tap “Autocomplete” name and you will be redirected to the router support page.

Step 6 Choose “ downloads” from the rows of tab near the middle screen on router’s model support page.

From the “Dropdown Menu” ( present below the tabs) select the hardware version. Find out the number written on the router’s model number.

Step7: Locate the “Firmware” and tap “Download”.

The downloaded Firmware must have “.bin extension”. Save this file on your system.

Step 8: Go back to the Router Setup page

On the router setup page, click “Administration tab” present at the top and then “firmware upgrade”.

Step 9: Start Upgrade

Click “browse” from pop up box and start navigation to firmware file. Open it and start “upgrade”.

Step 10: Wait for the upgrade to finish

Wait for an upgrade to get finished, do not turn off or reset the router in between. A popup message will appear that the upgrade is successful. Click “continue” to complete the process.

Step 11: Unplug the router again and plug in again in the gap of 10 seconds.

The process is completed and now you are running the upgraded router.

For any further inquiry, you can contact us at Linksys Customer Support. Our technicians will assist to and help you to get the latest Linksys Router Update (if there is any problem).