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Linksys Range Extenders are very famous to increase or expand the range of wireless router signals. If you own a big office suite or home, then your main router may able to cover the entire area. Thus, you need Linksys Extender to extend the range of a router to reach all the areas of your home or office space. If you are thinking about Linksys extender setup, then need not  to worry as it is a very easy and simple process. You can have the extender setup through the Browser Interface.  Go to and you will be directed to the Linksys extender setup page.

Below the process to setup Linksys wifi extender is discussed. If you have any query related to the setup process or any other issues then you can contact us at Linksys extender support. We will provide you an Online support to solve all the errors.

Linksys extender setup

Before we continue with the process of  Linksys range extender setup, you must gain some information about the Linksys Extender Structure. On the top of the extender, power LED lights are present. On the one side of extender “WPS push button and the Reset button”  is present. You can also see a power switch present on the side panel, ethernet ports and product label are present on the bottom. Product label displays the model number, login details, and other important things.

Steps to follow for Linksys extender setup:

  • Place your Linksys Extender in the close range of your main router. If the extender is placed close to the Linksys router, it can easily take the signals from the router and extend those signals further. Plug in the Linksys extender in a power port.
  • Wait until the light gets stable. Now, connect to the Linksys extender setup.
  • The setup process will get started automatically. If it does not start, then you can open the internet browser and search  http://extender.links.

if you face any problem during the setup process, you can contact our engineers and technicians at linksys extender support. Our experts have complete knowledge about the different routers and extenders. So, they can help you to solve any sort of error related to router and linksys extender setup.