The Range extender device is bliss for you if you own a big apartment; it really carries the stable n strong internet connectivity to every part of the house. You can really save your bucks by converting an old router into range extender. The following section will explain this process in detail. Let’s get started:

1) Do the Math to check compatibility

Having an ideal sitting router with you is happy news as you can convert that router into Range Extender. But the bad news is not every router is compatible to be used as Range Extender.

The technical configuration you require is that only 802.11n or a router will work. If you think you can convert a 100-Mbps connection with maximum limit of11 or 54 Mbps, believe it dear, you’ll surely be wasting most of your data bandwidth and this will not be a deal for you. Don’t even try with 802.11b and g eras because they too have the low maximum bandwidth.

If a router can be converted into repeater or range extender, it is always specifically mentioned in the manual that you get with the device. You will also get detail set of instructions in the same manual on how you can convert in-hand router into Range Extender.

Turn an Old Router into a Wi-Fi Extender

2) Update the Router’s Firmware

The basic job to do at this level is to Reset the router and configure it to work as a range extender instead of a router. You need to update the firmware version, once done get your router connected to the network now.

  • Go to your Router login admin page to work with all the settings, open your browser and go to web page”” or This works for all Netgear routers at least.
  • Different brand may have their different Routerlogin URL‘s or default IP addresses. Confirm yours before proceeding further.
  • Now log in with the default values, the default values for Netgear are admin/password. This works universally until you change it.
  • If this doesn’t work, get your product’s customer support help.
  • Once you logged in you will see Netgear Genie dashboard with all the settings options.
  • Now at main configuration page go to the “Wireless Section”.
  • Next, click on “Advanced Setup” button and “Wireless Repeating” button.
  • Now start working with 2.4 GHz and ensure it is showing the same name as of your network name and password.
  • If the values are different, change them to make same, this will ensure a stable roaming from your router to your extender.
  • Finally, select the “Enable Wireless Repeating” function option and “Wireless Repeater” to complete the configuration.

3) Give a static IP address

You need to be little tricky here. You will be completing this step in 2 parts:

  • To work with the main IP address
  • To work with Subnet Mask IP

The Main IP address: Type a static IP address for the repeater. Giving one number higher (static IP address) than the base router is a good idea i.e. To declare loud and clear that its part of your LAN infrastructure, not any other device.

The Subnet Mask IP address: Now comes the turn of Subnet Mask, basically you need to ensure here that the subnet mask is same as that of your router’s. The subnet mask information is visible on the main IP address screen only.

The universal default subnet mask value is, and you really have no good reason to change it.

4) Repeat for 5GHz band

If you are working with a dual-band router:

  • You need to repeat the steps 2 & 3.
  • It will then be rebooted
  • And finally will start working as range extenders.

Saving you lots of money to enjoy this weekend ;).

5) Turn ON the new Extender

Now it’s time to check if the experiment has succeeded or not?

  • Pick up a sweet spot for the extender placement.
  • Somewhat between the router and the weak/dead Wi-Fi zones.
  • Make sure this spot has an AC outlet. Plug it and Power ON.
  • Wait for a few seconds and check the internet access speed in the weak or dead Wi-Fi zones.
  • You may need to plug out and place the router converted to the extender and few different locations to find out the best one.

You are quite lucky if it works well on your first attempt only. Normally, it takes 3-4 attempts to locate the best placement position for this new extender.

If unable to turn an old router into a Wi-Fi Extender Contact Router Technician @ 877-213-7013.


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