Netgear Routers and Netgear Range Extenders

The pioneers in the wireless internet routers globally, Netgear, has improved its product to new heights. Netgear wireless router is really best to use.

The redefined and re-engineered product did kindle huge interest in the existing as well as prospective clientele. The innovations never stop at Netgear, they all say unanimously.

The new feature of incorporating the wireless on /off switch when in not in use is one of them. The advantages of having this unique feature are Multifood.

Power Consumption

A wireless router consumes up to 30% less power with the wireless turned off, than with it on..  The Wireless On/Off button allows customers to turn off the wireless portion of their product when not in use.

The customer has the option to turn off the power to the Wi-Fi when not required like when sleeping, when busy or at work.

Security risk

Hacking is very rampant nowadays. The very life of people can be put out of gear is the personal data is stolen. Live Internet connection is an essential source of hacking. By putting the Netgear wireless router, you can minimize the risk of hacking considerably.

Identification of location

The modern internet connection setting in gadgets has a provision to detect available networks. In this process, your location is detect by people. By putting off the Netgear when not in use shall be a remedy to hide from unscrupulous elements.

Easy to log in, easy to operate – Netgear Wireless Router

You will be surprised the ease at which the Netgear can be put into operation. Once you have the Netgear unit with you, the wireless internet connection is almost there for you.

Follow the simple steps you are on the elite club of millions of Netgear world over.

The Netgear wireless router speed something enviable. However, the speed is dependent on your Internet provider and the transmission speed you are getting.

There could be hurdles, compatibility, bottlenecks, and interruptions beyond the control of Netgear. However, our support team should be able to find out the cause and suggest remedies.

Netgear would like to offer ‘the do it your’ solutions to your wireless internet connection. You are assured of seamless operation.

Nevertheless, in spite of your efforts in case you face hardships; please do not fret as we are there to help. That would put the smile back tour face.

netgear wireless router features

Best Netgear Wireless Router

Netgear had a reputation of the best wireless internet provider and did win the confidence of millions of customers. Can we let them down? No, we cannot let you down at any cost.

That is why we take utmost care in producing the products with the fail-safe, foolproof and breakdown free concepts.

Still, in the event you face problems, we are there to help you to put you back with the least downtime possible. We know what it means for you to have a reliable gadget like Netgear wireless router. Of course, we have a reputation to keep.

To avoid such problems, it is recommended to get in touch with us without any delay.

In addition, you can also contact Netgear Router Technician any time at toll-free number @ 877-690-9305

Connection to  NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender is easy

netgear wireless router

You can get into the wonderful world of wireless internet easily using manual setup

Kindly follow these steps to have the connection to   NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender in a smooth fashion.

Connect NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender

  • Netgear wifi Extender has already been successfully connected to the router and obtained a valid IP address in the past.
  • To connect the NETGEAR WiFi Extender manually:
  • If you have a NETGEAR WiFi Extender with an Ethernet port
  • Use a computer to connect to NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender via Ethernet cable.
  • Login to the web user interface of your NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender
  • You need to enter a username and password.
  • Default login credentials are: Username: admin Password: password (Username and password are case-sensitive.)
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you can go to Setup > Wireless Settings.
  • Check the value in the Password (Network Key) field under Security Options.
  • If the password is not same as your router password, change it, till it matches.
  • Click Apply.
  • Reconnect your Wi-Fi devices to the NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender.
  • You have done.

Netgear Wireless Router Set up is Most Desirable

Netgear set up is most desirable, efficient and user-friendly so that even the competitors are closely following us

NETGEAR is the pioneer to introduce the world’s fastest wireless router and thus bringing in a revolution in internet access. Now that people need internet connections to multiple devices this becomes more crucial.

However, some users find it difficult to do the Netgear router setup in the right way. Kindly follow these simple steps to have your Netgear routers setup.

In case you face any problem you can search for the Net gear router troubleshoot as well.

netgear router

Configuring your Netgear wireless router, Genie, DSL internet, extender or cable internet connection with Smart Wizard is very easy.

Undoubtedly Netgear provides the internet connection with incredible security features with the various provisions are WEP, WPS, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK etc. among these WPA-PSK offers better network security than WEP.

The security can be enhanced by restricting access to your network to a set of devices through the Wireless Card Access Control List. However, NETGEAR recommends using WPA/WPA2 to configure with encryption.

Widest range

Netgear router support helps you with setting up Wi-fi router, router range extender, and Arlo cameras. Our specially trained Netgear technicians fix all kind of Netgear devices.

Netgear is the connectivity solution providers for home and office.  Netgear is the ultimate in a wireless internet connection model tech-savvy generation as well as old generation relish equally.

In case you are unable to connect, make sure that your computer is set up to use DHCP (not set to static IP).

Next, make sure that the Wireless Device to Extender light is solid green and you have a valid IP address. Finally, relaunch the browser and enter or the extenders default IP

Best connectivity with Netgear Wireless Router

Netgear Set up

You can connect your modem to the internet port of the Netgear wireless router and your computer to any of the available LAN ports.

  • Switch the computer, router, and broadband/cable modem,
  • Try putting off and once more
  • Kindly wait for them all to complete booting up.
  • After opening a web browser, type the routers in the IP address ( This would be either or bar and press Enter.
  • And, You will redirect to log in to the router.
  • For logging in, the default username (admin) and default password may be used. ( the username and password are case-sensitive. Please do not try to change the default values).


  • By clicking Setup Wizard the Setup Wizard screen displays.
  • You may select yes and click Next.
  • The Netgear routers setup wizard will detect the type of internet connection.
  • Then check up the validity of IP address.

The latest firmware which is inbuilt will help to  enhance the:

  • stability,
  • functionality and
  • Performance of your product.

The new and most up-to-date firmware will likely correct issues as well as potentially add new and improved features to the product. For more information, see How to update the firmware on your NETGEAR product.