Arlo brand of Netgear for home security offers better reliability to the users. Arlo camera is defeating and improving every perceived and real criticism about the security devices with better improvements and upgrades. Here, all about Arlo camera setup.

Thinking top place Arlo camera at the place where no network cable available?

No issues! You can connect the camera through the WIFI connection.

Arlo Camera Setup Guide

As the camera works with the battery, it doesn’t require a power outlet. Arlo Batteries won’t take much time to get recharged.

Whether you watch the video via mobile app or web browser, the picture quality of Arlo camera is excellent.

Arlo camera offers the better quality of images. Say bye to black and white time.

arlo camera setup

With Arlo camera, you can see the crispy color images with good sound quality, so you can listen to everything live.

If your room is dark and you have enabled the night vision then you can watch the black and white video on your Arlo camera.

Features included are:

  • It works with the Echo show, Amazon Alexa, Fire TV, so you can watch the live video just by your simple voice commands.
  • It has a wire-free design which makes it mobile.
  • Even in the dark, the night vision of the camera works perfectly.
  • These Cameras have motion activation option and send real-time app notifications and email.
  • It records and alerts only when it detects any motion or movement, therefore saves battery.
  • Outdoor as well as indoor weatherproof cameras.
  • You can securely watch the live videos via app while you are at home or some far location.

Also, if you do not find a camera enough to offer you the reliable security then you can always add an individual camera for security.

Steps to follow for Arlo camera setup:

  • Firstly, unlock the compartment of the battery by sliding it and holding the latch.
  • Now slide back the battery door and lift it for opening the compartment.
  • Close the battery door after inserting the batteries.
  • Bring the camera between 30 cm to 100 cm (approximately 1 feet to 3 feet) of the base station.
  • Synchronize the Arlo camera to the base station.
  • If you are using the Arlo base station, then you need to press the “Sync” button present on the side of the base station or on the back. You need to press the button for about 2 seconds and after that release it.

Important– if you press “Arlo Wire free sync” button for a long time, then LED present under the USB Symbol Starts blinking amber for around 10 minutes and you synchronization process will get blocked.

If you are using the “Arlo Pro” base station, then press the button present at the to for at least 2 seconds and release it.

  • Wait LED sync status turns to blink green.
  • Press the Sync button present at the top of the camera for about 2  seconds and after that release the button.
  • Important ( camera should be synchronized only once at a time).
  • A blue LED present on the camera will start blinking for confirming synchronization.
  • If the camera LED blinks amber, then it means a synchronization process is not successful and you need to repeat the process again.
  • Check out the camera LED on the base station, if it solid green then the synchronization process is completed.
  • You need to repeat these steps for each camera.

Important – If the process does not get completed in the 60 seconds then you need to press the sync button again.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and have successful Arlo security cameras set up.