Arlo camera is an amazing innovation in the world of security. It allows the user to monitor the various activities of their home from a far location.  Arlo camera setup is very easy to install as no wires are required for the network connectivity.

You can choose any of the customizable and scalable camera packages and have eyes 24/7 upon the ground. Whether it is a day or night, you can watch the full HD clear video on your iPhone app. Its SD card backup recordings and flexible cloud monitoring plans that perfectly match your security plans.

Arlo Camera Not Working On iPhone App

You can directly connect the Arlo camera with WIFI  and watch the security footage that streams on your iPhone app for the continuous monitoring.

Arlo Camera Not Working On iPhone App

Excellent Features of Arlo Camera Such as :

  • HD video
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision up to 25 ft.
  • 2-way audios.
  • Up to 8X camera zoom.
  • Cloud storage playback
  • Customizable recording settings.

Undoubtedly the Arlo app is a wonderful tool to monitor home activities and manage the security. But, as technology can never be perfect, it might happen that your Arlo camera doesn’t connect to your iPhone app. And, if it is not connected, Unfortunately, you will not able to manage the home security from the far location.

 You might have installed the Arlo system properly, but still, the can be a number of issues. Your Arlo camera might not work. This can create trouble in your security monitoring process, so there are some suggestions that you can consider to make sure that your Arlo camera is working upon the iPhone app.

To make sure that Arlo camera not working on iPhone app, consider the mentioned instructions.

  • Make sure that you have enabled the push notifications on your iPhone A

You can enable the push notifications at the three different levels- “ the mode level, the Arlo app level, the iPhone level”. Som, enable the push notifications as per your requirement.

  • Make sure that you are logged in to the Arlo app from your iPhone. If you are not logged in to the iPhone app, you will not receive the notifications on your iPhone.
  • You need to enable the push notifications in your camera’s mode and rules.
  • Make sure that other applications installed on your iPhone are not suppressing the push notification.

The above-mentioned steps can help you out in solving the issues Arlo camera not working on iPhone app.

But, if you still have an issue, you can talk to our technical experts at 877-213-7013. Our technicians will provide you with step by step online guidance to sort out the issue.