Arlo security cameras are made using the modern technology for recording the motions and videos as per the customized requirements of users.  Motion detection is one of this unique feature which records the video when detects and movement or motion. The recorded video can be watched anytime by the users.

However, it might happen that your Arlo camera is not recording anything, the reason could be the technical issues like Arlo camera motion detector is not working.

There are can be multiple issues why Arlo Camera Not Recording.

Your Arlo camera consist of three main components:

  • Base unit or transmitter
  • Camera or the receiver.
  • Mobile application installation on the mobile device.

It is very necessary to configure all the three parameters properly as they decide the frequency and quality of the video which you receive.

Arlo Camera Not Recording

Below given can be the possible reasons issues in motion detector  due to which Arlo camera is not working:

Sensitivity Adjustment

There should be proper sensitivity adjustment of Arlo camera so that it can sense the motion properly. You can do this with Arlo motion sensitivity slider present on the Arlo camera. The slider is also provided on the side of the base unit or transmitter.

Camera proximity

A camera should not be too far or too high from the base. For the installation process, ideal height from the ground is 7 feet and there must be a minimum distance for proper recording and detection.


There are four batteries present inside the battery compartment to power the camera. Make sure that perfect polarity is maintained and the camera is charged properly.

Camera base

It is easy to fix the camera as the base is magnetic but make sure that you hung camera properly with nails and secure it with the tapes.

Troubleshooting steps for Arlo camera not working:

    • Place the camera at the right place with right angle and height for easy motion detection.
    • Enable the motion detection feature on your Arlo camera and the mobile app for proper functioning.
    • The camera works as per the sensitivity level. If you set the camera at low sensitivity then it will not clearly detect anything and respond back late to detect the motion.
  • Check the registered email ID as motion detection camera sends a response to your registered email, it might be sending alerts on a wrong email address.

The above-mentioned steps can help you to solve the issues that your Arlo Camera not working. Follow these simple suggestions to mitigate the Arlo camera issues.

However, if these suggestion is not helping you out then you can contact our technicians for help at customer support number 877-213-7013 and get an online assistance for mitigation of Arlo security camera issues.